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Vapor Sensor For TLS-350R and TLS-350 Veeder-Root's Vapor Sensor detects the presence of hydrocarbon vapors in a dry monitoring well which could mean a dangerous leak When vapors are detected that exceed a programmed threshold, the sensor sends a signal to a TLS-350R or a TLS-350 console. The monitor's visual and audible built-in alarm indicators immediately tell you where the problem is, so you can quickly take action to prevent serious safety and environmental problems. Veeder-Root Vapor Sensor can be used in dry monitoring wells. Only three wires are required to connect the sensor to a TLS-350R or TLS-350 or System. Features x Hydrocarbon vapor exceeding the programmed threshold triggers a Fuel Alarm x Liquid present in the monitoring wells triggers a Water Alarm x Withstands removal and replacement from monitoring well without sensor damage Temperature Rating Storage: -40 degrees C to +75 degrees C Operating: -20 degrees C to +70 degrees C Dimensions: 4.88" long, 1.06 diameter Power Requirements: Intrinsically safe power supplied by Veeder-Root TLS-350R, TLS-350 or ILS-350 system Standard Models Form No. Description 794390-700 Vapor Sensor for Monitoring Wells *A Vapor Sensor Interface Module is required for use of the Vapor Sensor with the TLS-350R or TLS-350 console. - » » »