Retail Petroleum Equipment

SiteFax Fax and modem capability for the TLS-300 and TLS-350 series console. Automatically transmit TLS information at a specific time or at a specific event or alarm condition. SiteFax can be programmed to eight different fax numbers, allowing you to tailor the information flow to the needs of your operation. Send your dispatch group inventory information every day and product alarms as they occur. Simultaneously have your compliance department receive weekly leak test report and sensor and leak alarms. All this without having to lift a finger - once the SiteFax has been programmed. Which is very easy. All you have to do is enter the fax numbers to transmit to each number, enter the time and schedule for each call or select what event will trigger the immediate auto-dial alarm. The built-in modem capability of the SiteFax allows you to dial up to the TLS and ask it for any information you want. The SiteFax is fully compatible with Inform, Veeder-Root's remote communication package. Diagnose the TLS before sending out a technician or spot-check inventory before dispatching a load, it's all made possible through use of the SiteFax module. The simplest, fastest and most efficient way to stay in touch with your fueling site and retail operations.