Retail Petroleum Equipment

Overfill Alarm & Acknowledgement Device For use with TLS-350R, TLS-350, TLS-350J, TLS-300, TLS-300C, TLS-300i, TLS-300, ILS-350, and TLS-250 Systems Veeder-Root's TLS Overfill Alarm provides an early warning of potential tank bulk delivery overfills as required by the Federal regulations governing underground storage tanks. Wired to an alarm relay in a TLS-350R, TLS-350, TLS-350J, TLS-300, TLS-300C, TLS-300i, TLS-300, ILS-350, and TLS-250 or TLS-250i System, the alarm relay activates the TLS overfill alarm horn and light when a potential overfill is detected. All TLS systems have programmable overfill alarm limits that can be set for each tank at a location. An optional Alarm Acknowledgement Switch is also available for locations where driver intervention is required by local codes. When the driver presses the acknowledgement button, the overfill alarm shuts off and the alarm acknowledgement light illuminates. This light will stay on until the TLS prints an inventory increase report. A built-in timer lets you adjust length of time that the audible alarm will stay on from 0 to 60 seconds. You can also adjust noise level from 78 to 103dB (at 10 feet). Features Enclosure: Painted Steel; NEMA 4; 1/2" conduit connector at bottom of alarm and at left side of acknowledgement switch Operating Temperature Range: -40 degrees to +150 degrees F Supply Voltage: 120 VAC, 50/60 Hz Alarm Unit Actuation: From TLS alarm contact Audible Alarm: Output: Adjustable "Time On" from 0 to 60 seconds Visual Alarm: Lamp Rating - 25 watt, 120 VAC; Lens - Red Polycarbonate; Flashing Rate - 75 per minute Dimensions: 11" long, 7" wide, 4" deep Alarm Acknowledgement Switch Function: Turns off alarm unit while actuating acknowledgement lamp Acknowledgement Lamp: 120 VAC, amber lens Dimensions: 7" long, 3" deep Standard Models Form No. Description 790091-001 Overfill Alarm 790095-001 Alarm Acknowledgement Switch *Note: An I/O Combination Module (Form No. 329360-001) or a Four-Relay Output Module (Form No. 329359-001) is required for use of the Overfill Alarm and Alarm Acknowledgement Switch with the TLS-350 or TLS-350R system.