Retail Petroleum Equipment

Providing more functionality to the non-retail & commercial industrial market. Veeder-Root’s Digital to Analog Signal Converter Unit enables the TLS Automated Tank Gauge Series to be implemented in a wide variety of applications where analog capability is required. The Converter Unit utilizes a digital to analog circuit (DAC) to transform the digital signal output of a standard Veeder-Root TLS ATG into an analog signal that can then be sent to a wide variety of commercial/industrial applic- ations such as facilities maintenance systems, or legacy hardware that requires analog signal input. This analog signal is read by the receiving de- vice as an indication of the current volume of product in the tank being measured, on a scale of 4 to 20 MilliAmps (with 4 being empty and 20 being full). RS-232 to 4-20 MilliAmp Digital to Analog Converter Unit © 2006 Veeder-Root Company • 125 Powder Forest Drive • Simsbury, CT 06070 • USA Telephone: 860-651-2700 • Fax : 860-651-2719 • VR 13746 P/N 0576047-072 Rev.C VR 9/2006 Printed in USA Features • Unit can be re-calibrated by user to fit changing application needs • Rugged, solid-state construction in a dependable unit • Compatible with all current Veeder-Root TLS Series ATGs • Single channel capacity • User defined RS-232 input string format • Switch selectable analog ranges: • 0-5V • 0-10V • +/- 5V • +/- 10V • 4-20 mA • Switch selectable baud rate • Tank size selectable by dip switches, up to 15,000 gallons Standard Model: Part Number Description 331854-001 4-20 MilliAmp Box For more information call 1-888-561-7942 Stay on top of inventory with analog data connectivity