Retail Petroleum Equipment

BIR & AccuChart II ™ protect your investment with Veeder-Root’s Business Inventory Reconciliation (BIR) & AccuChart II for the TLS-450 Underground fuel is probably the most expensive inventory at any convenience store or gas station. Knowing when your fuel is missing or lost – whether to theft, short drops or other issues – is crucial to operating a safe, profitable business. Veeder-Root’s industry-leading BIR & AccuChart II business tools can help protect your stores’ important fuel investment. Business Inventory Reconciliation Did you know? If a fuel delivery was made while a customer was pumping gasoline, store operators have no way of knowing exactly how much fuel was dropped into the underground tank. Get What You Pay For Veeder-Root’s BIR tracks all fuel that enters or exits each of your underground tanks, regardless of delivery or dispensing activity. BIR automatically collects metered sales information from electronic and mechanical dispensers and gives you accurate delivery and reconciliation reports on a shift-by-shift basis. Stay Compliant Veeder-Root’s BIR for the TLS-450 automatically calculates periodic variance thresholds based on U.S. EPA requirements and includes them on reconciliation reports. If necessary, the variance threshold can be programmed to comply with state or local regulations. TLS-450 BIR Benefits • NEW Can track up to 8 shifts per 24-hour period • NEW Fits all site configurations and supports both line manifolded tanks and multiple manifolded sets • Reports on fuel variance on a by-tank basis • Saves money by ensuring that you know what goes into and out of your tanks • Simplified compliance reports AccuChart II Did you know? An inaccurate tank chart is the most common reason for inventory measurement inaccuracy. Remove Measurement Error The best reconciliation starts with the best tank chart. AccuChart II, Veeder-Root’s patented tank chart calibration algorithm, features powerful diagnostic tools that give clear, actionable instructions to help with proper inventory management. AccuChart II’s tank chart minimizes installation-related errors, such as tank tilt, deflection and end shape. This proprietary software takes the headache, guesswork, time and cost out of the calibration process. Access Information Quickly When used together, a reliable tank chart and business inventory reconciliation allow operators to identify fuel variances due to operational issues. BIR & AccuChart II provide flexibility, allowing you to manage your inventory and chart your tanks without adding undue costs to your operation. TLS-450 AccuChart II Benefits • NEW Limited range calibration allows operators to select calibration ranges for only the portions of the tank they plan to use • NEW Provides up-to-the-minute information on progress toward a calibrated tank and indicates next steps for fastest calibration with minimum business interruption • Provides multiple pass tank calibration for improved tank chart accuracy • Is easy to install and set up