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125 Powder Forest Drive, P.O. Box 2003, Simsbury, CT 06070 USA ©2010 Veeder-Root Company • 576047-163 Rev. A. • Printed in USA To learn more, contact us at 888.561.7942 , or visit Specifications TLS-450 System requirements for BIR & AccuChart II • TLS-450 with BIR and DIM features • Software Version 3.A or higher • Mag 1 (0.1 gph) magnetostrictive (standard or Mag Plus) probe in each tank. The Mag 1 probe for alternative fuels is also supported. • Dispenser Interface Module (DIM): The DIM allows the TLS-450 to interface to most Gilbarco, Wayne, and third party POS systems that implement the VR BIR protocol (ALLIED, ANDI). For electronic dispensers, one DIM is required for each TLS-450. Up to three DIMs can be installed to support sites with multiple POS systems. • DIM installation kit (see POS Application Guide for DIM Installation Kit details: 577013-401). One installation kit may be required for each DIM. Part Description Part # AccuChart II / BIR EDIM factory installed 333149-001 AccuChart II / BIR CDIM 3 inputs factory installed 331150-001 AccuChart II / BIR LVDIM 12 inputs factory installed 331151-001 AccuChart II / BIR MDIM 12 inputs factory installed 331152-001 Part Description Part # AccuChart II / BIR EDIM - upgrade kit 330020-676 AccuChart II / BIR CDIM 3 inputs - upgrade kit 330020-677 AccuChart II / BIR LVDIM 12 inputs - upgrade kit 330020-678 AccuChart II / BIR MDIM 12 inputs - upgrade kit 330020-679 Part Description Part # EDIM Cable Adapter 25-9 330020-682 Configuration The following information includes part description, part number and configuration information for your convenience. To add BIR & AccuChart II to an existing TLS-450 console: In addition to the BIR & AccuChart II feature upgrades listed above, order the appropriate installation kit for your application. The TLS-450 uses the same installation kits as the TLS-350. For console upgrades where an existing TLS-350R is being replaced by a TLS-450 with BIR & AccuChart II, a 25 to 9 pin adapter may be purchased to convert the existing DIM installation kit for use with the TLS-450. Data for up to 8 shifts per day Variance by shift Automatic Delivery Detection Dispenser Interface Data Customize Reports TLS-450 BIR & AccuChart II Screens Reconciliation reports show variance by shift AccuChart II–Data sufficiency diagnostics provides calibration status and actionable instructions to fill data gaps To add BIR & AccuChart II to a new TLS-450 console order: