Retail Petroleum Equipment

Added Protection for Product Line and Tank Leak Detection The new TLS Continuous STP Run Monitor provides an added level of assurance that your existing product line and tank leak detection system does not become unreliable due to interference from continuously running STP's. Lessons learned by many major petroleum retailers have prompted them to consider continuously energized submersible pumps as the most serious risk in leak prevention. This condition can mask non-passing Pressurized Line Leak tests (PLLD) and produce unreliable in-tank Continuous Statistic Leak (CSLD) results. What makes the problem worse is that a continuously pressurized line is more likely to burst and cause a catastrophic leak. How it Works The newly released TLS Continuous STP Run Monitor can help station operators mitigate these risks by catching continuously running STP due to either stuck pump control relay or stuck dispenser handles. The system monitors pump requests and pump relay outputs continuously. If the pump relay outputs high voltage (220V) without any request from either handle switches or the PLLD device, the TLS will produce an alarm. It will also post alarms when the handle signal is on for an extended period of time. TLS Continuous STP Run Monitor Features: ■ Monitors pump relay output ■ Monitors handle switches ■ 100% compatible with existing line leak detection device (both mechanical and electronic) ■ Eliminates potential problems paralyzing tank and line leak detection devices ■ UL approved ■ Integrated and upgradeable solution with existing ATG TL S - 350 PLL D Pump R e la y M o nit o r Hook s ignal Sce nari o 1: w/ PLL D Add iti o nal H ar dw ar e S TP R e la y Box S TP B A TL S - 350 Pump Se n se Pump R e la y M o nit o r Hook s ignal o r o t he r pump co ntr o ll e r o utput Sce nari o 2: w/o PLL D Additional hardware, if Pump Sense exists for other purposes like (CSLD etc.),only Pump Relay Monitor is needed,otherwise Pump Sense and Pump Relay Monitor are both needed. S TP R e la y Box S TP B A Hardware /Wiring Call today to learn more. If you are interested in learning more about the Continuous STP Run Monitor or if you have any specific questions please contact Veeder-Root today: 888.561.7942. T o ll f r ee 888.561.7942 125 Powder Forest Drive Simsbury, CT 06070 VR 13915 P/N 0576047-135 10/2006 Printed in USA Specification Guide Sce nari o New part s n eeded Part N umb e r Q uantit y Sof t w ar e Current Version 24 and later Software upgrades only 331500-303 1 per console Current Version 23 and earlier Software upgrades with ECPU2 and ROM 331500-308 1 per console H ar dw ar e VR PLLD module or CSLD New STP Monitor module 332643-001 1 per 4 STP with Pump Sense module exist Neither PLLD nor Pump Sense New STP Monitor module 332643-001 1 per 4 STP module exists and Pump Sense module 329999-001 1 per 4 STP