Retail Petroleum Equipment

Communicate with an Unlimited Number of Automatic Tank Gauges (ATGs) From Anywhere For years, gasoline retailers have trusted Veeder-Root’s Inform PC software to help them monitor their fuel operations. Now, retail petroleum site owners can monitor any site that has access to a web browser. It’s easy with Inform.NET, a server based, do-it-yourself data collection software tool that allows users of automatic tank gauges to collect and analyze various data sets from their sites. Inform.NET communicates with your Veeder-Root ATG and other major tank gauge brands. Connect Thousands of ATGs With Thousands of Users Inform.NET allows busy petroleum retailers to access the same data and reports from an unlimited number of ATGs. The program connects any number of people worldwide to their ATG network, via any computer with an Internet browser. The information is available 24-7 and can be customized for individual users. • Customized reporting for sites and users • Compliance data and reports are centralized and easily accessible • Real time alarm notifications let site owners react quickly with improved decision making • Remote inventory monitoring for multiple sites, improves efficiency in fuel supply scheduling, and management • High throughput data collection for site operators. With Inform.NET, they are able to collect inventory data from over 2,000 sites in less than one minute. (Results may vary, based on server capacity and set up). Inform PC and Inform.NET Software Inform meets the needs of both large and small networks by offering two versions of this reliable software. • Inform PC – Downloads to a single computer and can access over 100 individual ATG consoles. • Inform.NE T– Is a server-based, web-enabled software resource. It resides on your central server and gives an unlimited number of users access via their Internet browsers. Connectivity for Improved Profitability Both Inform PC and Inform.NET software increase your control over your ATGs, providing you with centralized and accurate inventory data, leak detection and diagnostic information. Inform.NET software also improves the efficiency of data collection, allowing users to more accurately monitor inventory and risk management issues while reducing the chance of human errors. Customize your data format and collection frequency. Your site data can be stored in a database and also be exported as a text file, enabling you to create and print customized reports. Inform software is easy to use and requires minimal training. Everything, from site setup and data collection, to report generation and site diagnosis, is just a few mouse clicks away. INFORM Manage Fuel Inventory – Anywhere, Anytime veeder-Root