1420 Parsons Road SW • Edmonton • Alberta • Canada • T6X 1M5 © ZCL Composites Inc. All Rights Reserved • February 2016 • Materials – Equipment used for the storage of DEF must be made from compatible materials in order to avoid degradation and contamination of the product. Based on ISO 22241-3, carbon steels are not recommended for contact with DEF, while stainless steel 304 and 316 are examples of recommended materials as shown above. • Temperature – Urea DEF will freeze when stored below -11°C. As storage temperatures rise, its shelf life is reduced and its quality deteriorates when exposed to temperatures exceeding 25°C for extended durations. An underground tank provides a simple and effective way to maintain proper DEF storage temperatures. Demand and Use The current demand for DEF in Canada is relatively small, but expected to increase significantly in coming years as more new vehicles equipped with SCR emission systems enter the market. Diesel Exhaust Fluid is designed to be used at approximately 1 litre of DEF per 50 litres of diesel fuel, although the volume of DEF used will always be small relative to diesel fuel, fuel retailers and fleet vehicle operators will increasingly look to bulk storage solutions for their growing needs. Estimates of diesel fuel use in North America suggest that 50 percent of the volume is consumed by private, commercial or government fleets, many of whom maintain fueling operations where bulk storage of DEF will be a necessity in the future. The ZCL Solution In anticipation of a growing demand for underground storage of DEF, ZCL initiated extensive testing in early 2010, which involved independent third-party testing laboratories as well as key material suppliers. While ISO 22241-1 does not address FRP material compatibility, the standard allows for manufacturers of equipment to test other materials beyond those identified as “recommended” or “not recommended,” in order to determine compatibility. As a result of the multiple levels of tests that ZCL has conducted, together with technical consultations with a major DEF product supplier, ZCL has determined that its new underground storage tanks are suitable for storage of urea DEF when specifically designed and manufactured for that intended use. ZCL DEF Tanks • Use only stainless steel fittings, manway covers and striker plates • Are fabricated with materials specifically tested for DEF storage • Available in single and double-wall models • Offer a 30-year limited warranty • Available throughout North America • Available in ULC-listed models