NEE Propane & Natural Gas Equipment Catalogue

CANADA’S LEADER IN ENERGY PRODUCTS EQUIPMENT HOSE & TUBING LIFEGUARD PASSIVE HOSE SAFETY SYSTEM The Passive hose assemblies available from Lifeguard are designed to reduce the risks associated with unintended drive-aways, coupling separation, complete hose failure and longitudinal tears in the hose. Similar products are widely used in the LP transportation industry and mandated in many parts of the world. The addition of the Tri-Bolt break-away feature and the Engineered Compression Spring (ECP) used with the Lifeguard product is unique and provides considerable benefits. The ECP’s axial force can be adjusted to address the flow force of the product being transferred within the assembly to avoid premature checking. The spring, unlike the cable used in other products, does not distort the inner housing tube and also provides internal construction support to the hose assembly reducing inner hose wear. Lifeguard Safety Hoses incorporate a coated ECP specifically designed for each application’s flow and pressure. The ECP is installed within the hose bore and is connected to the seating mechanisms located in the Standard Safety Fitting on one end and the Tri-Bolt Break-away fitting on the other end. This ECP provides carefully engineered thrust in the direction of both ends of the hose assembly, holding the check valves open. Should this thrust be eliminated due to a drive-away, coupling separation, hose rupture or failure, then the valves will release and instantly seat; stopping the flow in both directions. In the case of a drive-away, the patent pending, Tri-Bolt design, assures that two or more shear bolts will break in any failure mode. This will cause the system to immediately engage and seat, stopping the flow in both directions. The LifeGuard safety system and Lifeguard Tri-Bolt Safety System are built into a CGA listed LPG hose that is suitable for use in the most rugged applications found in the LPG industry. All hose through 2” meets Canadian Gas Associations Type 1 approval requirements. The Lifeguard Tri-Bolt Passive Safety Hose System is designed to increase the safety of your hose and facility by incorporating protection against the unintended pull-away of tank trucks, rail cars, barges and ships. In the past, if the facility or truck’s piping systems were not sufficiently strong, even a safety or standard hose could literally pull the piping apart. This concern has now been eliminated with the Lifeguard Tri-Bolt Break-away hose. • Available for LPG applications with Type one CGA hose up to 2 inch diameters in customer specified lengths. • Available for NH3 / LPG dual service applications with ST. ST. CGA approved assemblies up to 4 inch diameters in custom specified lengths. Contact NEE for more information! Couplings Check Valve Loading hose with ACME Couplings