NEE Propane & Natural Gas Equipment Catalogue

NATIONAL TOLL FREE DIRECTORY 1-866-574-5100 | ON THE WEB HEATERS EASY RADIANT INFRA-RED TUBE HEATERS Brooder Heaters Unlike forced air heaters, Easy Radiant tube brooders heat the floor, creating a cozy, healthy and stress-free environment for the birds. A warm floor means a dry floor, which results in a healthier flock with fewer mortalities. The birds are enveloped within a ray of gentle radiant heat from above and a warm dry floor below resulting in a comfortable flock at lower ambient temperatures. Improved feed conversions are achieved as the birds grow faster, while expelling fewer calories in search of heat. These tube brooders draw their combustion air from outside, thereby ensuring that the precious oxygen supply to the flock is not compromised. Comes with flexible gas connector, fresh air wallcap, flex duct, and brooder exhaust cap. Featuring the Honeywell Smart Valve : An integrated electronic control with all the safety and ignition functions in one device. Plug in wiring assembly for ease of installation and service. LED diagnostics for simplified troubleshooting. Five trials for ignition before safety lockout. Features : • Designed specifically for the agricultural industry. • Heavy Gauge high temperature steel combustion chamber is coated with high emissivity black coating for a higher radiant output and lower exhaust temperature. • Mirror finished aluminum reflectors increase radiant efficiency. • Sealed and permanently lubricated ball-bearing motor never needs oiling. • Hot Surface (Glow Bar) ignition. • Solid State ignition incorporates triple try sequence for positive lighting. • Draws less than one amp of electricity when running. • 3 Year Warranty. Available in inputs from 60,000 to 150,000 BTUs and overall lengths from 10 ft to 50 ft. Contact NEE for specifications & sizes not listed. NEE # BTU Fuel Type Length Model Type EZUB-60-10 60,000 Specify NG or LP 12’ U-Shaped NEE # BTU Fuel Type Length Model Type EZB-60-20 60,000 Specify NG or LP 22’ Straight Note: Available in Natural Gas or Propane. Specify your choice when ordering.