NEE Propane & Natural Gas Equipment Catalogue

NATIONAL TOLL FREE DIRECTORY 1-866-574-5100 | ON THE WEB ALTERNATIVE FUEL EQUIPMENT FUEL INJECTED EQUIPMENT Landi Renzo Conversion Kits Landi Renzo is the largest provider of Alternative Fuel conversion equipment in the world. They maintain strong working relationships with many of the worlds’ leading vehicle manufacturers. This close relationship ensures a very thorough understanding of the OEM’s fuel management system and the ability to integrate their system for optimal performance relative to fuel efficiency and emissions. The Landi Renzo fuel system communicates directly and in parallel to the OE CPU and dovetails seamlessly into the gasoline injection systems used in most of today’s vehicles. NEE provides complete kits that are certified to all required Canadian Standards through a network of trained and certified dealers. Fleet operators are able to realize considerable fuel savings with both LPG and CNG. NEE # Description 604700750 LPG kit, 4 Cylinders, 145-215HP, Large white Injectors 604700753 LPG kit, 5 Cylinders, 160-265HP, Large white Injectors 604700754 LPG kit, 6 Cylinders, 160-245HP, Medium black Injectors 604700755 LPG kit, 6 Cylinders, 180-265HP, Large white Injectors 604700756 LPG kit, 8 Cylinders, 265-300HP, Medium black Injectors 604700757 LPG kit, 8 Cylinders, 265-300HP, Large white Injectors NEE # Description 604710387 LPG kit, 10 Cylinders, 430HP, Large white Injectors 604800567 CNG kit, 4 Cylinders, 100-150HP, Large white Injectors 604800554 CNG kit, 6 Cylinders, 135-225HP, Medium black Injectors 604800553 CNG kit, 6 Cylinders, 220-295HP, Large white Injectors 604800551 CNG kit, 8 Cylinders 270-350HP, Large white Injectors 604800606 CNG kit, 10 Cylinders, 350HP, Large white Injectors Replacement Components NEE # Description 238204001 2 Cylinder Injector pack, with P/T Sensor 238213001 4 Cylinder Injector pack, no P/T Sensor 238217001 6 Cylinder Injection Pack, Large White Injectors 238219001 8 Cylinder Injection Pack, Large White Injectors 240003301 Empty Injector Rail, 3 Injectors, no P/T Sensor 240004301 Empty Injector Rail, 4 Injectors, with P/T Sensor 380196148 Empty Injector Rail, 4 Injectors, no P/T Sensor 237110000 Medium Replacement Fuel Injector, Black 237103001 Large Replacement Fuel Injector, White 616467000 3/4 Cylinder ECU, OMEGAS Software 616469000 5/6/8 Cylinder ECU, OMEGAS Software NEE # Description 536740000 1GI LPG Reducer / Vaporizer 632114000 NG2-2 CNG Reducer / Regulator 620712000 Mounting bracket for NG2 reducer 620598000 Mounting bracket for IG1 reducer 616278001 LED Fuel Gauge / Selector Switch 636025000 12 Volt CNG Lock-off Valve, 1/4” FNPT 161100001 FL-ONE Filter 1/2” Hose Barb, with replaceable cartridge 674606000 Repair kit for FL - One Filter Unit 674609000 Temperature / Pressure Sensor 236398100 5/8” Coolant Sensor Tee LPG Kit (604700757) 616467000 161100001 236398100 237103001 616278001 240004301 536740000 620712000 636025000