NEE Propane & Natural Gas Equipment Catalogue

NATIONAL TOLL FREE DIRECTORY 1-866-574-5100 | ON THE WEB CYLINDER & TANK VALVES VALVES & ADAPTERS FOR LARGE TANKS AND BULK PLANTS Rebuildable Internal Relief Valves for Bobtail and Transport Trucks Stainless steel construction with a low profile, now field repairable, primarily for trucks transporting LP-Gas, NH3 or other compressed gases. Types H722 & H733 Stainless Steel (316/CF8M) Internal Relief Valves resist rust and corrosion. Stainless steel makes it easy to remove the valve from the tank for periodic testing (as prescribed by D.O.T. and Transport Canada), and permits standard tank couplings instead of the more costly flanged tank openings. Field-repairable valve seats allow for seat replacement without affecting relief set point. NEE # Tank Connection Size Relief Setting Protective Cap Application H722-250 2” 250 PSI P297 Delivery & Transport Trucks H722-265 265 PSI H733-250 3” 250 PSI 265 PSI P298 H733-265 Rebuildable Internal Relief Valves for Storage Tanks Types H284 and H5114 Internal Spring Relief Valves can be used in the Combo Joe® Relief Valve Manifold or as separate units on stationary tanks. The valves are identical except for valve body materials. NEE # Tank Connection Size Relief Setting Pipe-away Adapter Application H284-250 2” 250 PSI MEP104-24 Brass, LP Gas H5114-250 Stainless Steel, NH3 H5114-265 265 PSI H722 / H733 H2824 H5114