NEE Propane & Natural Gas Equipment Catalogue

CANADA’S LEADER IN ENERGY PRODUCTS EQUIPMENT CYLINDER & TANK VALVES VALVES & ADAPTERS FOR LARGE TANKS AND BULK PLANTS External Relief Valves Used on ASME, D.O.T. containers and in piping systems, all working parts of these valves are outside the container or piping connection. Therefore, they must be protected against mechanical damage. Protective caps are shipped along with these valves. Replacement caps may be ordered separately. Refer to info below. NEE # Container Connection Relief Setting Pipe-away Adapter Protective Cap Body Material Application H110-250 1/4” M NPT 250 PSI N/A P206 Brass ASME LPG H110-312 312 PSI H120-120 120 PSI Hydrostat H123 375 PSI Hydrostat/DOT H124 450 PSI Hydrostat LPG H135-312 1/2” M NPT 312 PSI MEP174 ASME LPG H144 450 PSI Hydrostat LPG H148 375 PSI Hydrostat/DOT H160-250 3/4” M NPT 250 PSI N/A ASME LPG H160-312 312 PS H173 375 PSI MEP174 Hydrostat/DOT LPG H174 450 PSI Hydrostat LPG H185-250 250 PSI N/A P145 ASME LPG MEH225 1/4” M NPT 440 PSI MEH501-.437 Hydrostat LPG MEH225SS 440 PSI ** Stainless Steel Hydrostat NH3/LPG MEH225SS/350 350 PSI ** MEH25/450 450 PSI MEP173 MEH501-.812 Brass Hydrostat LPG MEH50/460 1/2” M NPT 460 PSI MEP104-24 MEH501-1.062 MEV50/250 250 PSI MEP174 ASME LPG MEH75/460 3/4” M NPT 460 PSI MEP104-24 Hydrostat LPG MEV250CN/250 2-1/2” M NPT 250 PSI MEV250-013 Stainless Steel LPG/NH3 MEV250CN/265 MEV250VM/250 ASME LPG MEV250VM/265 LPG A1301A 3/4” M NPT 250 PSI (NH3) N/A P145 ASME NH3 A1301B 265 PSI (NH3) A1310A 1-1/4” M NPT 250 PSI (NH3) A1310-20 1310-12 A1310B 265 PSI (NH3) A1327 1/4” M NPT 350 PSI ** N/A 1325-8 Hydrostat NH3 A1328 450 PSI ** 66-1139 250 PSI - Brass Hydrostat H135-250 1/2” M NPT MEP174 P206 ** Stainless Steel model Relief Valve Accessories NEE # Description MEP170 2” MNPT x 2-1/2” FNPT Relief Valve Adapter MEP250 Installation & Removal Tool for 2-1/2” MNPT External Pressure Relief Valves MEP200FIR 1-1/2” Hex Internal Relief Valve Installation Tool for 2” MEV200FIR Series Relief Valves MEP300FIR 2-1/2” Hex Internal Relief Valve Installation Tool for 3” MEV300FIR Series Relief Valves MEV250VM/250 H120 MEP170 MEP250