NEE Propane & Natural Gas Equipment Catalogue

NATIONAL TOLL FREE DIRECTORY 1-866-574-5100 | ON THE WEB PUMPS, COMPRESSORS & MOTORS CORKEN CORO-FLO & CORO-VANE PUMPS Autogas Pumps Corken Autogas Pumps provide continuous-duty, high pressure LPG performance and are ideally suited for applications requiring high differential pressures. These 3450 RPM regenerative turbine pumps feature a self-aligning, free floating impeller for quiet continuous duty operation, flanged inlet /outlet connections and are available with a foot mounted C-Face bracket or with a base plate mounted configuration for direct coupled mounting. Capable of differential pressures up to 250 PSID & 58 GPM with a maximum motor size of 10 HP. NEE # Mounting Pump Speed Capacity at 150 PSID Max Working Pressure Inlet Outlet DLF075CD6A C-Face 3450 22 GPM, (83 LPM) 400 (2,757 KPA) 1-1/2” ANSI 300# RF Flange 1” ANSI 300# RF Flange DLF150CD6A 34 GPM, (130 LPM) FF075CD6A Rigid Base 22 GPM, (83 LPM) FF075CD6A-10114-184T FF150CD6A 34 GPM, (130 LPM) FF150CD6A-10114-215T F Series Pumps Corken F Series pumps offer many of the features of the C Series with the benefit of allowing you optional 3400 rpm motor selection. Pumps are built with foot mount design and integral shaft / bearing assembly to allow mounting to a motor based on the application requirements. Optional impeller and seal assembly materials available for a wide selection of applications. NEE # NEE # (with base) Max. PSID Capacity GPM at 50 PSID Capacity GPM at 75 PSID Inlet Size Outlet Size F9CD2A F9CD2A-101-8-145T 75 4.5 with 1 HP 2.5 1 1/4” 1” F10CF2A F10CD2A-101-8-184T 85 6.5 with 1 HP 11 1 1/2” F12CD2A F12CD2A-101-8-145T 100 15 with 2 HP 17 F13CD2A F13CDF2A-101-8-184T 125 21 with 3 HP F14CD2A F14CD2A-101-8-184T 100 31 with 3 HP 25 Flo-Check Valves The Corken ‘ Flow-Indicating’ & ‘Horizontal Swing Back Check Valves enable you to detect flow in the gas or liquid lines and prevents release of product from the storage tank in the event of a hose failure. Flow-indicating and back- check valves feature all ductile iron construction and are available in 1-1/4” through 4” NPT or with welded flanges, which are rated to 400 psig (27.6 bar). Standard O-rings are Buna-N. Teflon®, Viton®, and Neoprene® are optional. NEE # PSI Description FC125AA 400 1 1/4” x 1 1/4” NPT NEE # PSI Description FC150AC 400 1 1/2” x 1 1/2” NPT DLF150CD6A FF150CD6A