Retail Petroleum Equipment

Hardware 61.728 9.173 13.654 Dimensions are in inches. 10.701 9.488 Data Entry Options/Access Control Piezoelectric keypad, magnetic card reader, mifare card/tag reader, HID reader, Vehicle/Driver Identification System (Fuel Point PLUS), and dual Fleetkey readers. Available optional ruggedized thermal printer for purchase receipts printout. Dispenser Connection Options Islander PLUS can control up to 8 mechanical hoses or up to 64 electronic hoses. Supports over 50 different types of dispensers in use in many countries. Communication Options Support of large variety of communication links: cellular, dial-in modem, VPN, satellite, ADSL, wireless ethernet and more. Central Controller Embedded hardware platform designed to withstand the harsh fueling environment. It runs on an embedded operating system and uses a solid state Flash disk and RTC (Real Time Clock) with back-up, along with surge suppressors for transient and noise immunity. Power fail recovery mechanisms included. Additional Hardware Features > Weather-proof enclosure in order to sustain the harsh environment of a Home Base Station > Secured remote capabilities for monitoring, management and maintenance activities > Serial and Ethernet interface to Automatic Tank Gauge systems using the Veeder-Root Serial Interface Command Protocol > Advanced electronic support of mechanical dispensers, enabling pump with totalized, preset and price update Commercial & Industrial Solutions