Retail Petroleum Equipment

GUIDELINE SPECIFICATIONS Coalescing Separator Short Form The contractor shall provide a fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) underground coalescing type oil/water separator as shown on approved ZCL separator drawings. Capacity, dimensions, fitting sizes and locations, and optional accessories furnished by ZCL shall be as shown on separator drawings. The separator shall be as manufactured by ZCL Composites Inc. Separator shall be installed in accordance with ZCL’s current Installation Manual and Operating Guidelines for Fiberglass Underground Storage Tanks, and Oil/Water Separator Installation, Operation and Maintenance Manual. Long Form Part I: General 1.01 Quality Assurance A. Acceptable Manufacturer: ZCL Composites Inc. B. Relevant Standards: 1. ULC-S-615 Standard For Reinforced Plastic Underground Tanks for Flammable and Combustible Liquids. 2. American Petroleum Institute (API) manual on disposal of refinery wastes, Chapter V 3. Stoke’s Law formula shall be the basis for design 4. Provincial environmental acts and regulations as applicable 5. Provincial plumbing and/or building codes as applicable C. Materials: 1. Separator shell shall be manufactured of 100% resin and glass-fiber reinforcement. 2. Separator coalescing media shall be oleophilic plate packs resistant to plugging and fouling. Packs shall be removable for servicing and re- installation. 3. Coalescing plate packs and associated internal mounting hardware shall be rustproof. D. Separator Tank Structural Design: 1. Separator shall be manufactured with integral ribs for structural integrity.