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Use a Vent Drier to prevent condensation or absorption of water vapor by a mate- rial in a storage tank. All Vent Driers have a sight glass window with Indicating desiccant to tell you when the drier is exhausted. Applications • Guards sensitive materials against moisture • Protects tanks, pumps and pipelines from corrosion by condensed water vapor • Prevents biological growth by keeping out water • Prevents contamination of valuable liquids by corrosive sludge • Dries air to -100° F dew point or 2 ppm by weight Storage Tank Vent Driers Visual Drier Status Indicator Active Exhausted Specifications NEE # Construction Gasket Material Maximum Pump Out Rate Design Pump Out Rate Water Capacity DU-CAL DRIER- RITE (4 mesh) Connections Max. Working Pressure 105 Mild Steel Non-Asbestos Composition 150 gpm (20 cfm) 75 gpm (10 cfm) 5 lb 50 lb 2” NPT 10 psi 1100 300 gpm (40 cfm) 150 gpm (20 cfm) 10 lb 100 lb 1200 600 gpm (80 cfm) 300 gpm (40 cfm) 20 lb 200 lb 3” NPT 1400 1200 gpm (160 cfm) 600 gpm (80 cfm) 40 lb 400 lb 4” NPT 1 psi There is also a Model 1600 which is the maximum size for a housing based on Du-Cal density. The design flow rate is 120 CFM with maximum pump out rate (no more than 2 minutes) of 240 CFM or 1800 GPM. It removes 60 pounds of water and has a 4” NPT connection and maximum working pressure of 1 psi. PERFORMANCE OF MODEL 105 & 1100 THOUSANDS OF GALLONS OF AIR DRIED BY ONE CHARGE OF DESICCANT TEMPERATURE ºF Model 1100 Model 105 240 120 200 100 160 80 120 60 80 40 40 20 0 0 20 40 60 80 100 100% RH 80% RH 60% RH 40% RH Condensation or absorption of water vapor by a material in a storage vessel can be prevented by the installation of one of these drying columns in the vent piping. When the material in a storage vessel is removed, the moisture laden air replacing the material is completely dried by the desiccant column in the vent line. Breathing through the vent line occurs daily from changes in atmospheric pressure and temperature. These dryer units will prevent contamination from this source. These driers will protect storage vessels up to 400,000 gal- lons. The drying units will produce dry air (-100° F dew point) for flow rates up to 1200 gallons per minute (160 cfm). The moisture indicator elimi- nates guesswork; it tells you when the desiccant is exhausted. The glass window has a few ounces of indicat- ing desiccant behind it. The Indicating desiccant turns from blue to pink when the drier is exhausted. The drier contains the highly ef- ficient Du-Cal desiccant. Storage Tank Vent Driers are efficient and economical to operate.