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Dual Compartment Septic Tank Applications 5 Large Commercial Septic Tank Applications When a customer needs a large commercial septic system, a ZCL tank can serve as the sole tank in a septic system or as the second tank in a two tank septic system. This ZCL tank has a major advantage over build-in-place or multiple tank systems, which typically require several smaller tanks to create a large system. ZCL access opening designs can also accommodate multiple pump chambers that are often necessary in large commercial size tanks. The ZCL large commercial septic tank is a good fit for hotels and resorts where open green space is limited. Any commercial facility located outside the reach of a municipal treatment system is a perfect application Recent installations of this type of ZCL tank include a 55,000 Litre tank treatment system single-wall septic tank for Algonquin Park in Northern Ontario; and a 5,000 Litre double-wall septic tank in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia;. When an application calls for more than one compartment in a primary treatment system, ZCL offers a dual compartment fibreglass tank, which has two or more compartments with baffles between them to control the waste stream. When an application requires more than one compartment, other systems may use a number of separate tanks, which increases the possibility of leaking connections. This is an example of a definite advantage that customers have with ZCL dual compartment septic tanks. Compartment sizes can be configured in a variety of arrangements to meet design requirements. By combining capacity needs into fewer vessels, overall costs for installation can also be reduced and a smaller excavation footprint is necessary.