NEE Propane & Natural Gas Equipment Catalogue

NATIONAL TOLL FREE DIRECTORY 1-866-574-5100 | ON THE WEB EASY RADIANT INFRA-RED TUBE HEATERS Parts and Accessories NEE # Description P-1015 Airswitch Adjustable Front P-1020 Airwwitch Heat Wave P-1041 HSI Module S8921D P-1021 Airswitch Block Flue - Black P-1032 Transformer P-1091 Flame Rod P-1135 Spark Ignition Module P-1140 Glo Coil P-1150 Glo Bar 257374 P-1155 Mini Igniter P-1163 Ignition Cable P-1240 Blower Assembly For ED40HE P-1380 Honeywell Conversion Kit - NG to LP P-1290 Smart Valve - Natural Gas P-1330 Honeywell valve, NG P-1500 10’ Primary Tube P-1780 Tube Hanger AC-1000 Programmable Thermostat, 24 V AC-1010 Industrial Thermostat 120 V, T498A AC-1011 Industria Thermostat, 24 V AC-1060 24 Volt Thermostat T822D NEE # Description AC-1072 1/2” Hose, 36” OAL (for use under 135KBTU/HR) AC-1073 3/4” Hose, 36” OAL (for use over 135KBTU/HR) AC-1080 Relay AC-1080 Outside Air Adapter AC-1120 4X4X6 Vent Tee Complete With 2 Couplers and 4 Clamps AC-1100 Outside Air Wallcap AC-1130 90° Elbow - 4” Diameter AC-1150 4” Wall Thimble AC-1170 Brooder Exhaust Cap AC-1180 Spout Exhaust Cap (For B-Vent) 4” O.D. P-1160 Spark Ignitor AC-1190 Spout Exhaust Cap (For C-Vent) 4” I.D. AC-1210 90° Elbow (3-1/2” Dia. For ED-40-S Only) P-1220 Blower Motor (for HeatWave Garage Heaters) P-1260 Orifice P-1289 Smart valve/HSI, LP P-1841 Reflector for 10’ SH P-1930 10’ Side Reflector AC-1220 Combustion Air Package (Wallcap/Flex Duct/2 Gear Clamps) GH-110 Elbow Vent Kit For Garage Heater GH-100 5’ Vent Extenstion For Garage Heater Note: Parts apply to all models unless specified. Honeywell Smart Valve P-1290 HEATERS